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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Where Art Thou Vancouver?

There are no Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics in sight in Doha. Back in October 2008 I calendared this event to make sure I wouldn't be caught sleeping. I had just had the pleasure of meeting an Austrian Olympic Gold Medalist, Andreas Kofler, on a train from Innsbruck to Vienna to top off an already spectacular Austrian getaway. He told us he planned to be in Vancouver in 2010 for the ski jumping events barring any injuries or misfortunes, and I held him to his word. Unfortunately, between our Orbits and Mozaic cable services, I have yet to find any hint of Olympic coverage on the gazillion sports channels offered between them. If anyone out there knows something I don't, speak now or forever hold your peace. The first of the ski jumping is tonight, so I guess I'll have to rely on Internet surfing and Twitter for coverage. Not quite like seeing it live and up close on the tube. Good Luck Andreas!

Hold the press, David found this while I was yakking....http://watchvancouverolympics.com/ we shall see.

2010 Olympics Anthem ~ I Believe

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  1. http://channelsurfing.net/

    Try that if Dad's doesn't work.

  2. Thanks, sweetie, but Dad's along with your site bombed :(

    C'est la vie.

    CONGRATS on passing your French proficiency exam!


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