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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Date Break

This is my fourth Ramadan in Qatar and my memory from year to year eludes me. What are the mall timings? Are the grocery stores open? Yes, I enter each year forgetting what happened the prior. So, I was pleasantly surprised last night at TGI Fridays when David and I were immediately presented with a sweet plate that included the traditional "break the fast" food of dates, along with juices. I love surprises (good thing, since my memory sucks!) especially when it's complimentary. Speaking of food, see that lamb contraption picture behind the sweet dish? Our ritual for the last year at our weekly visit to Friday's (since they posted that blasted advert) goes something like this. David: Ooooh, that looks so good, I'm going to have to try that. Me: Complete silence with right eyebrow lifted to "stop you in your tracks" level. We always share an entree there and neither one of us even likes lamb, and if he wanted it so dang much he should have gotten it while I was on my extended hiatus in the states. I know, I digress. This post was supposed to be about Ramadan and got high jacked by a lamb hock. Is there really such a creature? Digression continues. Anyway, similar to Christmas in America, the newspapers are flooded with special promotions and ads for the season.

Example 1:

Papa John's extends a nice Ramadan greeting along with a pizza special. Yes, Papa John's reigns in Doha, along with most all of the other American pizza chains!

Ramadan Kareem is a common greeting used
throughout the season wishing others a "generous" Ramadan.

Example 2:

Then there are those that blatantly commercialize Ramadan by suggesting that if you buy yourself a car you just might connect with your spiritual well being...

Unfortunately, I will have to look for other ways to "feel" the spirit of the season!

Ramadan Kareem!
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