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Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Luck of the Irish

Talk about being at the right place at the right time or maybe just call it the Luck of the Irish*. I mean, David and I do both qualify if we trace those bloodlines far enough back. I guess reality is that the odds were with us, since we do visit Bennigan's two to three times a week. It was Thursday night soon after we were seated and had ordered our meal when we saw the manager heading our way with a big ol' t-bone steak. As I'm thinking, wrong table buddy, he says, "Sir, we would like you to try this steak out for us, and tell us if it is ok". You could tell how much David was put off by the whole ordeal by the speed in which he gobbled it up, barely taking the time to offer me any. Haha, like I needed permission to dig in. USDA steaks can be hard to come by in these parts, and it was every bit deserving of that seal. What a great appetizer for our impending main course. Thank goodness David and I usually just share entrees. If that wasn't enough, the manager approached us when we finished our "ordered" meal and asked if he could offer us dessert since we were so kind as to try out their new vendor's steak. Uh, ok. Bring it on. Did he seriously think that we'd turn him down. Thank goodness we went to the gym before Bennigan's.

*Where did this phrase come from? Click here to see what wisegeek.com had to say.

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  1. Luck of a " canadian" = a car

  2. Aaaah, you got me on that one, you two lucky devils! Miss you!

  3. That hubby of yours sure is a good sport...from trying the steak to always being willing to let you take his pic!


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