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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Put Me in, Coach!

It was a hot summer night in July of 1989, championship game,bottom of the 9th, two outs, with the "Little Daddy's" winning by one run when the batter slams a ball to the outfield. It was cleanly caught by the eight year old to end the game for the claim to the championship when suddenly out of no where a woman jumps up from the stands and bellows, "THAT'S DAVID KNOX, THAT'S DAVID KNOX!!!!". Oh....my....gosh, oh no she didn't. Yes, my mother in law was clapping wildly and proudly for her little boy. Ok, it wasn't really the championship, there was nothing on the line, he wasn't eight years old he was thirty, and it was actually just a pop up to the shortstop. It was just a routine out in a routine game with an overzealous mom. It was one of those cringing moments in time that I'll never forget no matter how much I'd like, knowing that every one of David's co-workers heard it and would never let him forget.

Why am I reminiscing about this story now? David has signed up for co-ed softball, insisting on denying his aging status. Mid life crisis? Who knows. All I know is that I consulted my body and it suggested demanded the spectator side.

So, we've made a run for some type of turf shoe to avoid any embarrassing missteps on the field. Doha doesn't have a lot to offer in the size 13 range, so we had to hope for the best. You sort of just take what you can get. We were at the Adidas shop and ask the guy to just bring out anything that he had in a U.S. size 13 and we'll go from there. We crossed our fingers as we noted that the prices ran from QR120 to QR750. He reappeared with the only pair in the store that matched our size request. QR120 ($33). Sold.

First game, Saturday 4:30 PM. Put me in, Coach...I'm ready to play!

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  1. I know what it's like being a spectator. Dennis still thinks he is in college, he has played on the Over 30, Over 40 and now Over 50 baseball teams. His team actually won the Over 50 World Series last year in Phoenix! Play your heart out David!


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