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Monday, October 26, 2009

Two's Company?

After an outpouring of responses (ok, maybe just a sprinkle) regarding yesterday's post via phone calls, emails,instant messages, and comments on behalf of the kittens in question, I feel I must reply. Every one of you felt that we should keep both inside. You people really know how to toy with my sense of compassion, or perhaps lack of. It's not like I was going to ignore the screaming scrawny orange kitten. He would be well fed and cared for. I just wouldn't have quite so much poop to scoop, if he were outside. I've always heard that if you have more than one kitten, they socialize with each other and not with the owners. I'll take all your concerns to the jury and see how it plays out. My aunt sent me an email with an observation that the orange cat was male and that the gray one was female. We pretty much knew the orange one was indeed male, as he's a bit older and more "developed". As for the gray one, David thought the same. After a Google search and an up close and personal interview with the subject, we have concluded that it is female. Good call, Aunt Marge. So, now for names. Shea suggested Smoke and Fire. I like the thought of that if we keep both. I was thinking Ashley or Ashton, but then David had to interject, "how 'bout Ash Hole?". After that comment I wanted to ask him if he was raised in a barn, but then thought better. Obviously not, if he didn't know the difference between a male and a female. Right back at ya, Big Dave.

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  1. Just read my friend, Karen's, blog. It's a funny interesting spin off from this post. My Name is NOT Tara! You are too funny, Kar :)


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