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Monday, December 15, 2008

Eatin' on the Dock of the Bay

It's hard to follow up after being upstaged by the star of this blog. Thanks, Kristi! Our audience thanks you, as well. You gave them a one day reprieve of yet, another restaurant review. We're just outdoing ourselves here in the Doha Knox household. I've been dying to try out a little place on the corniche called Al Mourjan. It sits right on the bay of the Arabian Sea with outdoor seating to enjoy the view and the mild temperatures that winter offers. The main drawback is that it doesn't open until around 2:00 in the afternoon. It worked out that breakfast rolled around really late this past Saturday morning. Little did David know that another day was going to pass with no Tabasco on the menu. With just a small amount of cajoling we were out the door to check out the Lebanese cuisine. The 75QR minimum per order was a turnoff. Many times we've been walking on the corniche and I've thought of stopping there just for dessert and coffee, but I see that will be out of the question. I guess the idea is to keep us stinky "riffraff" from dropping by in our exercise attire. We ordered some barbecue shish tawouk, fatoush, and mutabal to share between us. I'm not a mutabal (some type of eggplant concoction) fan, but David said it was pretty good. The fatoush, which is a salad made up of cilantro, mint, tomatoes, bell peppers, cukes, onions, and lemon juice was the best I've had here. Its taste varies quite a bit from cafe to cafe. The shish tawouk was excellent as it is just about everywhere in this country. It's more or less grilled boneless chicken.
Here's where the tables turned...dessert. We ordered one tiramisu for sharing and two cappuccinos to top off our meal. When the miniature version of tiramisu arrived, David was taken aback. I know he was thinking, "ok, so where's mine?". When I bit into it, it reminded me of those little chocolate marshmallow bunnies we used to get at Easter. How it equated to tiramisu escaped us both. I have to say, though, all in all it was fun and we were glad we went. David summed it up, however, with "I'm not dying to run back anytime soon" and then some sort of inaudible muttering about Tabasco escaped his lips. GET OVER IT!

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  1. I had always wanted to try out that restaurant! It's supposed to have the BEST Lebanese food in town. Makes me hungry for some Middle East cuisine.

  2. If you're in2 trying out new places then here are a few at the top of my head..
    -Al Tawash rest. Souq Wagef...great ambiance, good service, good food...try traditional 'Haya-beya' dessert..v. tasty!
    -The Mongolian BBQ...Sadd St.
    -Royal Tandoor...Soug Wagef/Sadd st...great masala!
    -Al-Boustan hotel lobby rest...not the tent!
    -Oishi Sushi...Royal Plaza
    -Black & White cafe...main RD oppo. Saha rest.
    -Laduree cafe...somewehre near Sadd stadium...nice 'jillab' juice
    -La Veranda rest...behind new ramada...close to qube

  3. oops sorry thought my first comment didnt go thru!

  4. No prob...Thanks for the restaurant tips! Looking forward to trying them out. :)


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