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Thursday, December 11, 2008

White Christmas in Texas?

So, I was in the middle of a restaurant review and received two emails at the same time from two of my fellow Texans...one being my brother, Mike, and the other my old high school friend, Fran. And Fran, I do mean "old" with the greatest of respect. It seems that this phenomenon called snow is hitting the great state of Texas, and if you're from Southeast Texas, that IS news. We got a call from a very excited Kristi yesterday morning early with a snow report from Austin. We could hear kids screaming and hollering with excitement in the background So, please follow suit and send me your snow pictures. I'd love to post them for this snow starved land! In return, I'll send you some sand pictures ;)

Mike's yard in Groves, Texas....Beaumont area for those not familiar.

Regina & Larry's home on Lake Livingston in Onalaska, Texas

Lori didn't have a snow pic to share, but wanted to share Tad's (Grant the Sportsman's daddy) 10 point buck, instead. Uh, okay, I guess :)

Kellie's house in Port Neches, Tx...Nice decorating job, Mark!

Ridgewood Elem, Pt Neches

Port Neches Elem, Pt Neches

Port Neches-Groves
High School Stadium
(my old stomping ground)

Lana & Chris' neighborhood in Beaumont, Tx

...more from Lana & Chris

LOVE the FLAG!!!

Lori came through with some pics sans the deer. I knew
she could do it!

Master Grant Humphrey having fun in the snow!

Groves, Tx

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  1. Thanks for the audience participation you snow bunnies out there. Fran & Mike...look what you got started! I love when you guys send me ideas for posts. Keep them coming. And to think you were going to get a restaurant review today...lol. Poor things, it's probably still going to make its way to you. Oh, and keep the snow pics coming. I'll post them when I wake up. Sweet Dreams! (to me that is)

  2. Wow, Groves looked great. The snow wasn't sticking to the ground over here in Houston! Can't wait to see some more pics!!

  3. You know it snowed 4 years ago in Houston! Michael and I missed it then too...we were honeymooning in Fiji!!! ;-)


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